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Growth Chart
Movement Milestones

1 month
- Moves head from left to right while lying on stomach
- Head falls backwards if not supported
- Makes tight fists

3 months
- Raises head when resting on forearms
- Turns head when lying on stomach
- About to roll from the stomach to the back
- Head and arm posture is symmetrical when lying on the back
- Rolls partway from back to side
- Opens and shuts fists
- Stretches and kicks legs when lying on stomach or back
- Takes weight on legs briefly when feet are placed on a firm surface
- Takes hands to mouth
- Grasps and moves hand held toys

6 months
- Rolls easily from front to back and back to front
- When lying on stomach, pushes up hands keeping elbows straight
- When lying on stomach, moves about in a circle
- Raises head when lying on the back
- Sits using support of the hands and keeps head erect
- Active when sitting with support

9 months
- Goes on hands and knees into a crawl position
- Crawls on all fours
- Can move while sitting on buttocks
- Sits indefinitely without support
- Can sit up from the lying position without help
- Stands up holding on to furniture

12 months
- Stands momentarily without support
- Takes steps holding on to furniture
- Able to walk with one hand held
- Crawls up stairs