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Research Projects

The Research Society funds and guides a broad range of studies in various fields. These include Basic Research, Clinical Drug Trials and Community Healthcare.

Every year, the hospital’s consultants and staff contribute to the presentation of papers and publications in journals. These include case studies, therapeutic interventions and clinical research. On average, 20-30 papers are presented at national and international levels and 15-20 are published at national and international journals and textbooks.

Research conducted at the Society has been published in both peer-reviewed and other journals, These include bulletins and magazines such as the Journal of  International Psychogeriatric Association  (JIPA), Journal of Association of Physician of India (JAPI), Journal of the Indian Medical Association (JIMA), International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Indian Journal of Plastic surgery, Bombay Hospital Journal, Catheterization and Cardiovascular Intervention, Bulletin of the Indian Federation of Medical Guilds, Indian Journal of Orthopaedics and others.

Our research has also been published in chapters in the Textbook of the Association of Physicians of India (API), Textbook of Surgery of the Ear, and Textbook of Vitroretinal Disorders. Click here for details on recent research papers published papers read.

Applications of Research
Medical research has many objectives. It contributes to the pool of pure scientific knowledge, pushes the limits of human scientific understanding, promotes scientific temper among students and physicians and ultimately translates into the delivery of more effective diagnostics & treatment and healthcare services.

  1. Holy Family Hospital contributes to new drug and device discovery as a part of US FDA trials and the approval of drugs and devices for use in India as per DCGI approval trials.
  2. The thesis work of DNB students contributes to presentation and later publication of Indian data on various aspects of diseases like clinical manifestations, investigations and therapies contributing to research in India.
  3. Community research like our dementia study contributes to international research data and publication of the same in peer-reviewed journals.
  4. Individual consultants reporting of unusual cases, case studies, newer strategies in treatment documents the research coming from this hospital.
Research Grants
The Medical Research Society receives research grants from sponsors of clinical drug trials and from donations. The objectives of funded research pertain to those of the clinical drug or device under study subject to approval by the regulatory authorities

Grants are also offered to post-graduate DNB students and the hospital’s staff and consultants working on research projects. Individuals aiming to do research with us must apply to the Research Society and pass our selection criteria.

The selection process involves submission of the project proposal on the required proforma of the Research Society. It is then scrutinised by the Scientific and Ethics committees for its scientific and ethical content and validity. The final approval lies with the Executive Committee.

Projects under Research Grants of Medical Research Society for 2016 - 2017 :
  • Study by Ms Priyanka Kartari - Clinical Psychologist, Counsellor & Psychotherapist - "Is there a Difference in Decision Making amongst adults Who report internet addition, alcohol dependence and Who Do Not ?"
Research Collaborations
Research cannot be done in isolation. It is always a collaborative effort, which at one end of the spectrum involves cumulative and collective scientific wisdom gained across the ages and at the other, involves specific collaborations that make any research project complete.

To achieve their objectives, research studies at the HFH Research Society are done in collaboration with other institutions as well as with the cooperation of various departments of our hospital.

Research Facilities
The Research Centre provides facilities or infrastructure and communication on its premises as well as equipment and personnel in its various departments such as Memory Clinic, Child Guidance Centre, Heart Institute, Pathology etc.

The Centre also uses the facility of the hospital’s Central Library located on the hospital premises. Our library makes available all recent medical journals, both Indian and international, along with Internet facilities to search and download scientific material. Our library is available only to researchers of the hospital.

The Centre also has a dedicated room facility for storage and archiving of research work as per regulatory requirements.

The Research Projects For 2016 - 2017:
  • Complete: 2
  • Ongoing: 15
  • Close Out : 4